BTS Participants Told Who Takes The Least Shower


We always have a good day with the release of Run BTS!. In a recent episode, the band members told TMI a little bit, which made the fans laugh.

In the game, all participants answer the question, while two “lying” participants try to lie and answer blindly (not knowing what the question really is).

The results were as follows: Jimin, Jungkook and Suga take a shower more than once a week. Meanwhile, RM, Jin, V and J-Hope were the culprits for saying that once a week is enough!

As soon as the answers were revealed, they found out that one of the liars was J-Hope, as he is known to shower frequently. Jimin pointed this out: “A person who takes a shower twice a day is lying! »

While J-Hope confessed that he was a liar, one liar could still be found among the three people: RM, Jin and V.

Then each of them began to defend their case. The participants agreed that Jin would take a shower only once a week. Jin tried to maintain his perfect image… but it didn’t seem to work.

Then V said that, according to him, one shower a week is enough…

Other participants actually believed V, since the latter often sends them videos of him at home, where it seems obvious to them that he did not take a shower.

Finally, the participants turned to RM, who said that once a week was enough for him too.

However, the other participants didn’t believe him because RM does a lot of sports, so he needs to shower more often.

Having turned out to be a liar, RM likes to take a shower often. He confessed: “I take a shower at least three times a day. »

After all, V and Jin are two contestants who have admitted that they think it’s enough to take a shower once a week. But be careful, saying it’s enough doesn’t mean they’re doing exactly that.


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