BTS nominates Dynamite for next GRAMMY installment


BTS kicks off their run to the 2021 GRAMMY Awards and they nominated “Dynamite” in two categories. The BigHit group continues with the promotion of “Dynamite”, their first single in English with which they sought to encourage ARMY and with which they have broken various records on YouTube and on Billboard, in the last they managed to fulfill their dream by reaching # 1 among other musical hits, now the boys are looking to take the first step towards their next goal: the 2021 GRAMMY.

Considered one of the most popular awards in music, the 2021 GRAMMYs are just a short time away from qualifying and nominating artists for the 2021 installment, BTS has already taken the first step to fulfill their dream as K-pop artists and they hope that the judges consider them in some of your categories with “Dynamite.”

According to Inside Billboard Magazine, BTS and BigHit submitted the song in order for it to be graded and considered for a GRAMMY nomination, Bangtan idols aspire to 2 categories, they want to compete for “Record of the Year” and ” Best Group or Duo Performance ”.

This does not mean that they are nominated, nor does it ensure that the Academy grants them the nomination, because 2020 has been a great year for music and there are many artists who will also be taken into account, it all depends on the criteria they evaluate, but BTS has already given the first step and sent his request with “Dynamite”.

Some ARMYs have celebrated the news on social networks, sharing their luck and good wishes so that the boys can at least fulfill their dream of appearing as candidates in the categories of the musical ceremony. The K-pop group has already managed to attend this year’s gala, although ARMY wanted to see them for more time on stage and with their own performance.

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The popularity of BTS in the United States and its large number of fans has helped them meet several goals thanks to the support they receive in sales, views and votes, so the fandom has decided to continue with the stream of “Dynamite” so that stay on the Billboard chart and not break out of the top 10.

The guys continue to promote “Dynamite” and will release new “Nightmare” version remixes very soon.


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