Ryan Seacrest will be the official conductor of the New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve program, being in rehearsals, preparations, from here to there, the artist has given time to live with the guests, and with BTS is no exception.

From Times Square, Seacrest has made some video publications where the 7 idols come out very concentrated rehearsing while the driver tries to follow his worked steps, which of course will dazzle tonight.

In one of the videos that can be seen on your official Twitter account you read:

In their publications there are all kinds of comments, since they say that if rehearsing more the conductor could be the 8th member of the band, as a new member or people who say that they should dance more since New York is very cold.

So far the driver has uploaded 3 videos mentioning BTS and the great effort they put into rehearsing, meanwhile the hashtag on twitter, #BTSatTimeSquare, is being a tendency for the impact of BTS has to be in a special end of the year so Important and so seen.

ARMY is too excited and impatient to see how it is that BTS has prepared to receive the year and ARMY is especially happy since there was no better way to close the year than seeing their 7 favorite boys, a great presentation.


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