BTS movies and concerts come to TV, How to watch them


Boring? It seems that BTS has the perfect plan for you and due to the limited activities of K-pop in South Korea due to the health crisis, the group will have a marathon on National TV.

If you want to relive the best moments of BTS on his old tour, as well as the documentary behind his career, we tell you where and when.

According to a statement from JTBC, one of the country’s popular television networks, BTS will be 5 weeks on the small screen of said channel.

Starting April 16 at 11pm, (8am in Mexico) they will broadcast ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ ; 23 will be the turn of “Bring the Soul: Docu-Series” and you can follow the episodes for 3 weeks in a row.

Finally, on May 14 they will broadcast the movie “Love Yourself in Seoul”, it is not yet known if the content will be available on platforms such as VLive , in the next few days you We will share links and links of the channel so that you do not miss it and make your quarantine more enjoyable.


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