BTS: Move ARMY Jin by taking RM by the hand


The BTS members have made it clear many times that they love each other very much, but this video of Jin holding RM’s hand is the ultimate proof of their affection.

All the members of BTS have made it clear to us thousands of times that the love, affection and love they have for each other is incredible and could be described as a sibling love.

We can clearly see this in a video that was shared by an ARMY on Twitter, where at the end of a concert, Jin takes RM by the hand but it is noticeable how their fingers intertwine with great force.

This simple act moved the social networks since it can be seen that for them it is very normal to be in physical contact and it is observed that there is nothing else between them, simply the love of brothers.

Jin takes RM’s hand

The video was shared by the user named @bamtseokjin_ and quickly began to have thousands of likes and hundreds of shares since this video touches anyone.

Here below we leave the recording for you to judge the beautiful moment with your own eyes. Don’t forget to leave a comment below about what you think of these handsome Koreans.

BTS, sibling love

Currently BTS is one of the most influential musical groups in the world, they have established themselves as one of the boy bands with one of the largest fandoms (ARMY), achieving a power that surely no one imagined.

Its seven members have won the hearts of people around the world with their humility, sympathy, love, dedication and musical talent. In addition, her messages of hope infect everyone.

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