BTS misses Suga and shows it during the premiere of BE


BTS’s friendship was demonstrated once again when the group members showed their affection for Suga despite his absence from promotions for BE, their new album.

The boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan have started a new stage in their career with the release of other record material and a new MV for Life Goes On, the idols prepared various events to talk about this album with the press and fans, but Suga did not attend. in order to continue taking care of your health.

The rapper recently had shoulder surgery, which should not be postponed to treat an old injury, and although the 7 members of BTS are extremely excited about the release of a new album, it was inevitable to feel the emptiness of Yoongi’s absence.


The love and friendship that Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, and RM have for Suga was manifested in various activities scheduled for BE’s premiere, and these loving gestures touched ARMY’s heart.

At the press conference, the idols posed in front of the cameras to capture the moment, but it was striking that Jin and V left a space between them, where they also placed their arms as if they were hugging someone, thus representing the space they occupy. Yoongi in the group even when he’s gone.

In addition, during the V Live broadcast that the singers made to interact with their fans, they placed a printed Suga figure made of cardboard inside the set and brought the Shooky doll to accompany them, as if that were not enough, they involved him in the fun dynamics prepared for the event.

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Suga also made a brief video appearance during the live broadcast, surprising fans and fellow group members.

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