BTS members transform into anime characters


BTS joins the Snapchat anime filter fever, see how the rappers and singers of the K-pop group of the company Big Hit Entertainment look like animated characters.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga and RM are fashionable guys, because of their charm and personality they could be perfect to be part of a Japanese anime. Can you imagine the stars of BTS captured in some romantic cartoon?

Recently, the company Snapchat launched a new update, with more fun filters, more options for you to have fun within the application and complementary functions that give a new life to the messaging app.

‘Anime Style’ is the Snapchat filter that has gone viral thanks to the fact that it recreates the image you select and takes it anime style, giving your images a different touch that has already captivated thousands of users.

The boys of BTS could not be left behind and this time we bring you the version of the Bangtan Boys as anime characters; We used the new Snapchat filter to transform singers and rappers into animated characters.

Do you like anime and are you a BTS fan? You can’t miss: This is what the members of the Bangtan Boys would look like if they were anime characters.


BTS’s Kim Seokjin’s face gets rougher with Snapchat’s anime filter, his eyes are slightly larger and he expresses a lot of feelings. Could Jin be the protagonist of a Japanese anime?

Jin de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat

Agust D looks like a rebellious and risky boy with Snapchat’s anime filter, despite that, you can also see that the rapper has a cute face. Owww.

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Suga de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat

Namjoon seems like the smart and well-mannered boy from anime, the typical charming character who loves to turn on and see life in an incredible way. How does RM look with Snapchat’s new anime filter?

RM de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat


Kim Taehyung seems like a charismatic and personable anime character, like the handsome protagonist, who is reserved, but has a big heart. Is Tae adorable with Snapchat’s new anime filter?

V de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat


The Bangtan Boys rapper appears with an adorable face and reflects confidence, the new Snapchat anime filter was able to portray Hoseok’s powerful aura very well.

J-Hope de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat


Park Jimin looks so adorable, his features are made more detailed with Snapchat’s anime filter. Their looks and poses add incredible flair to the K-pop idol’s photos with the new filter.

Jimin de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat

Jungkook looks very expressive with Snapchat’s new anime filter, Golden Maknae’s hair looks great, like that of an animated series protagonist. Which anime-style Jungkook photo do you like the most?

Jungkook de BTS con el filtro de anime. | Fuente: Snapchat


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