BTS members reveal what they were like at school


What was BTS like at school? The idols revealed what kind of personality they had as students and recalled their school experiences.

The fun continues for BTS fans, as the group made it to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for the third day in a row to continue the special scheduled as part of their special week. On this show, the idols revealed what they were like in their days as students, can you imagine them?

The personality of the Big Hit Entertainment artists was exposed when they all revealed the way they used to behave while studying and preparing to debut, find out what they said.

The third day of BTS Week led us to get to know the idols a little better, since during the interview they gave for the show they were asked what they were like as students.


During the Jimmy Fallon show, Namjoon revealed that he considered to have been a kind of nerd because he was very dedicated in everything he did, even now you know that RM loves to gain knowledge and for that reason he has not stopped preparing.

Meanwhile, J-Hope said that he was known for his performances as he used to be a part of some artistic events at school and since then he started to build his way in show business.

V said that actually he was a bit careless and used to be late or fall asleep in class, so he compared himself to Jimin whom he observed closely when they studied together, from his point of view, he was a very responsible student.

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This vocalist confirmed the comment and said that he considered that in his school days he was an exemplary student. Wow

But the personalities of Bangtan Sonyeondan boys were very diverse, Jin for example said that he was a joker boy only in his group of friends, since for others he would be a quiet student.

Suga confessed that he considered himself to be a hard-working boy in his days as a student, however he used to fail at school sometimes because he also had to do his part-time job.

Lastly, Jungkook mentioned that when they debuted he was still studying, so all the members used to accompany him, so the maknae was already sure of the path he would take even if he was pushing himself in the school setting.

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