BTS members reveal what they learned from quarantine


This is how BTS experienced the quarantine, idols spoke to GQ Japan magazine about this time. Without a doubt, quarantine has hit humanity in different ways, people had to learn to live differently, changing their routines and busy days turned into long hours indoors.

For the members of BTS, the quarantine represented stopping all their promotional activities for the record material ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, which premiered in early 2020, due to security issues the world tour of the singers and rappers was canceled, many surprises for ARMY they had to be postponed.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, RM, Suga and Jungkook had a long talk with the famous magazine for GQ in its Japan edition, the interpreters of ‘ON’ were questioned about the time of social isolation they lived and what They took advantage of their days off, this is what they told the publication.

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The leader of BTS said that under other substances the boys and he would be very busy traveling around the world, but their days are now spent at home or in the recording studio, and he has also found a lot of peace during the quarantine. He also shared that he changed some of his habits, since the first thing he does in the morning is water his little plants.


Min Yoongi talked about the times they have been on tour and feels so tired that he does not know what city they are in, but that everything was resolved when he went on stage, now, due to the quarantine, he appreciates everything more and when he returns to give concert you will love to the point of exhaustion your body experiences during shows.

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The rapper said that before the quarantine they did not know the importance of his work in their lives, but looking back, his career is one of his biggest motivations, it gives him the strength to keep going.


The BTS singer was very moved by the world situation, he said that he always prays that these moments are more bearable and that everything calms down, Park Jimin expressed that he was somewhat sad.


The member of the Bangtan Boys confessed that now he can spend more time with his family, now it is very comfortable to be sitting at the table enjoying food with his loved ones. The idol is very grateful for incredible moments with his family members. Owww.


Taehyung expressed that they have long been preparing to offer their fans good music, with a message that helps them inspire them, the idol of the Bangtan Boys put a lot of effort on the Japanese album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7 The Journey’.


The ‘Golden Maknae’ shared that he wants to use his days in a productive way, to strive more and more to be a good person, he has tried new things like boxing classes and learning to play the guitar.


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