BTS members prove they are the best uncles in the world


The Bangtan Boys lived with a baby and brought out their more protective side, the idols made it clear that they are the best uncles.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, V, RM and J-Hope are some of the most professional K-pop idols in the music industry, they are one of the most popular bands and their tracks are always placed in the best places inside the music charts, breaking records in sales and reproductions.

Recently the boys released ‘Dynamite’, an English single that registered new records and had a resounding success, the official video of the song accumulated millions of views on the YouTube platform.

But behind the worked performances and tracks of the idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment there are many creative mentors who work behind the scenes so that the magic on the stage is real, between stylists, costume designers, set designers and choreographers.

The performers of ‘ON’ have a very deep connection with Son Sungdeuk, who is a very experienced dancer who is in charge of the shows, shows and performances of Big Hit groups.

Through Instagram, Sungdeuk shared with his more than a million followers a very adorable video where the rappers and singers of Bangtan Sonyeondan live with their son, their baby is in arms and although he is very small, the members of BTS already know stole him heart. Owww.

To cheer up Son’s son, all the Bangtan Boys artists made funny faces and some sounds to distract the little boy, they touched his head and smiled very tenderly when they saw the baby’s reaction. <3

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Sungdeuk, choreographer of BTS considers that the boys are already part of him family, because in the description of the clip he wrote:

Bangtan Uncles

The post is receiving all the love of Internet users, since it already has more than 200 thousand reproductions and thousands of comments from fans who leave their message about the uncle facet of the BTS members.

Without a doubt, K-pop idols are very pampering uncles, because in addition to living with Son’s son, they encouraged him to have fun by showing his father worked. Boys are incredibly talented, but they also have the patience to cheer up a baby.


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