BTS members pretend to be in dubbing session


BTS returned to the recording studio to dub their own videos. The episodes of RUN BTS have given us a lot of fun together to the K-Pop idols, recently, the boys of BTS went to a studio where they could do the dubbing for some children’s films such as The Lion King and Toy Story, but their performance it was so good that they took on a bigger challenge.

In the most recent episode, the BTS guys swapped places to imitate one of their peers, Jimin would take on the role of RM, J-Hope would voice Jin, Jungkook for Suga, Suga for J-Hope, RM for Jimin, Jin to V, while Taehyung would act as Jungkook.

Without the need for a prior rehearsal, the first scene of a BTS clip began and the members got down to work, trying their best to fulfill their mission but unable to help but laugh at the funny setting.

A new scene began and the difficulty increased for V because his voice had to start before his character was shown speaking on the screen, however, after a few attempts he succeeded.

The following clip showed a funny scene of some members of BTS reacting with surprise, however, the video editing shows the reaction repeatedly and it was in the same way that they had to do the dubbing.

Just as the boys of BTS performed group scenes, there were also some in pairs or smaller groups, but something that reigned in their interpretation was the fun chaos that is generated when they are together. So they all had a laugh-filled moment.

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When we finished preparing the dubbing, we could see what the final result of these videos looked like with the voices of the members exchanged, perfectly understanding why the BTS guys had such a good time.


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