BTS Members Finally Have Their Own Instagram, Let’s Follow!


BTS members have finally launched their respective Instagram accounts after years of debuting. On Monday (06/12), all BTS members launched their respective Instagram accounts and have received verification from Instagram.

Jin used the username @Jin, then Suga with the stage name @agustd, J-Hope with the username @uarmyhope, RM with @rkive, Jimin used the username @j.m, V with the username @thv, while Jungkook used the username @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz without the letter J.

So far the members have touched the 1 million followers mark and each has uploaded one photo on their account.

Except for Suga, for now the comment column for BTS members‘ Instagram accounts is still limited and can only be commented on by fellow BTS members.

Have you followed the BTS members‘ Instagram accounts yet?