BTS members draw their ideal girl


BTS members draw their ideal girl. The BTS boys used their artistic skills to draw their ideal girl. BTS idols shared a drawing of their ideal girl , look at all the details.

BTS is one of the most famous K-pop groups in the world, its success is because they remain true to themselves and try to carry a message of improvement to their fans, who always keep abreast of their new Projects.

Since Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, Suga and Jin are so well known, with more fame more concerns have their fans and Internet users about the tastes and personality of the 7 boys of the Big Hit Entertainment group.

Once the idols of BTS drew his girl perfect , they revealed what aspects would like them to have their girlfriends or partners and what plans they had for their love stories were unforgettable . Owww how cute .

This time we bring you the pictures that the guys from BTS made their ideal girls and what are the requirements that future brides of these artists of the K-pop should have. Get all the details here!



Seok Jin’s ideal girl should be a person who has a talent for cooking, as well as being very cute and good-looking, with a big appetite, who is kind and takes good care of the BTS idol.


The ideal girl from BTS’s Suga must be equal to him, they must share the same tastes of music and hobbies so that the rapper feels very comfortable next to him.


The ideal girl from Namjoon should be a very elegant, feminine girl, with a pleasant voice, who is very intelligent, with a very pleasant sense of humor and who knows how to dress very well.


The ideal girl from J-Hope is a person who cares about him, only has eyes for the idol, must love to read, have a lot of love for his loved ones and who knows how to cook deliciously.


Park Jimin’s ideal girl should be a person with good feelings, a tender character, a pleasant appearance and who always takes care of the idol.


Taehyung’s ideal girl should respect his parents very much, have a very warm heart, should be a person full of joy and very intelligent to handle the singer’s finances.


The ideal Jungkook girl should be a person of good appearance, who likes sports, keep his body healthy, intelligent, with a pleasant character and who is good in the kitchen.


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