BTS members can enlist in 2025 together


BTS’s enlistment is still a topic of discussion within South Korea, but it has been proposed that they complete their military service at the same time.

With BTS at the top of the music charts, it is hard to imagine that some of its members will begin their military service very soon. The absence of one or more members would leave the group incomplete for a season, but that could change if some of the special proposals for idols are approved.

It has been reported that some politicians are considering delaying the members’ enlistment, thus generating proposals that could be beneficial to the K-Pop group and its fans.

The decision has not been made, but there are already several possibilities on the table for the future of Big Hit Entertainment’s singers.


One of the suggestions that have been mentioned is that all the members fulfill their military service in the same season, that is, that they do not go to their call when their age limit requires it, but that they all wait until the maknae must enlist and, at that time, enter simultaneously.

That means that Jin, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Suga would postpone their military service, which they would complete in 2025 when Jungkook must also do so.

While this proposal would keep all 7 members away from cameras and stages for a couple of years, it would prevent the idol group from having to promote without some of its members.

However, although there are multiple proposals, it is not yet possible to know what is the decision that will be made regarding the enlistment of the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys, what alternative seems more suitable as a fan?

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