What BTS member are you? The new Instagram filter


What BTS member are you? The new Instagram filter. The comeback promotion has been incredible.

With the release of ‘Map of the soul 7’, BTS has rotated several records, has had several interviews and also included several dynamics to promote its comeback, such as the ‘ON’ Challenge on TikTok, but if you’re not one of those Like dancing we tell you the new alternative to support the boys.

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Through the Twitter account of BigHit and BTS , the company shared a link so you can use the group’s new filter on Instagram. Are you compatible with your bias or with someone else?

The filter consists of taking a video and discovering which BTS member you are . Just simply enter from your cell phone the link provided by BigHit, it will automatically take you to your IG Stories, there you just have to click on the screen and record your video.

Several ARMY have already joined the challenge, they have even tested the filter with other members of the company. LOL Discover who you are and keep supporting the boys.



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