BTS has a meeting about their new album in front of ARMY


RM, V and J-Hope presented their ideas for the next album with a meeting that they broadcast live.

V, RM and J-Hope communicated with BTS fans through a live on YouTube , where in addition to greeting their fans around the world they shared some of the roles that each one is fulfilling for the planning and development of the next album. of the group.

Although the boys of BTS have been characterized by their initiative to be part of the creative process of their record productions , this time they want to make sure that they are 100% involved, that is why since the discussions about what they wanted to show in this next stage, each took on new responsibilities.

With their last live broadcast, fans were able to learn a little more about each other’s duties, since, although we knew that Taehyung was working on new musical compositions , the boys confessed that he will also be the visual director of the album. The idol has suggested that the photographs be more natural and not such a formal session, as he believes that ARMY enjoys seeing them doing everyday activities.

Namjoon believes that V has very good taste and that such photographs could be presented as Polaroids. But in addition, the BTS leader thinks that the photos could be divided into two sections, one that shows members during their free time doing individual activities and another that reflects what they do during a group vacation.

The boys also mentioned that Suga will be in charge of the cover design for the next album and on the other hand, Hoseok said it would be important to discuss the type of clothing style they would wear. Sticking to a natural look again, RM said it would probably be good to wear denim and white T-shirts as it could give them a college, youthful, and casual look.

Jimin previously spoke to his followers about the group’s plans for the next album, stating that he was becoming the new manager because he had to document his teammates’ ideas and proposals and communicate them to the company. With this way of working we can be sure that the next album will be surprising, but it has also been a sign of the great commitment that the members have with each of the group’s projects.

You can see the full video of the meeting that V, RM and J-Hope had below: