BTS: Meet Jin’s favorite ANIMAL


You can’t imagine which is BTS’s Jin’s favorite animal, that’s why he reveals it to you here. Be amazed!

BTS is the k-pop band of the moment that has been reaping great triumphs with their music around the world, for that reason they have also been giving some interviews to international media to promote ‘Dynamite’, a fun single in English that was created for for ARMY to be energized during the pandemic.

That is why in every interaction that Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V and RM have, they show their personality, chemistry and charisma, it is a natural gift in the idols of Big Hit Entertainment, it is one of the hallmarks that characterizes them. in their activities.

Not long ago the Bangtan Boys in an interview confessed with Most Requested Live, many details about their career, their look changes and also revealed what their favorite animals were, of which we will reveal that of Jin from BTS.

That was how in the Ask Anything Chat section, the BTS vocalist and dancer confessed which was his favorite animal, leaving many of his fans totally surprised.

It turns out that Kim Seok Jin said that his favorite animal is the crocodile, a large reptile that is characterized by its powerful jaw, its scaly skin, its incredible ability to swim and inhabits tropical areas.

Jin as the best face in Asia

The contest to find the most beautiful faces in Asia with the votes of the public announced new preliminary results on the last 4 of September. Among the top spots are two famous Chinese actors and two K-pop idols.

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In this preliminary count, it has been announced that BTS’s vocalist Kim Seokjin is in third place. The South Korean nicknamed ’Worldwide handsome’ is strongest on the social photo network while his weakest area is votes on Weibo. Jin’s lead with the top two finishers is quite wide, but ARMY could rebound in the coming days.


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