BTS: Meet Jin’s best songs. Your voice will surprise you!


With these amazing songs from the oldest member of the South Korean group BTS, Jin will be completely fascinated.

The group BTS is one of the most famous today, being a musical phenomenon all over the world for its incredible songs and choreography, where each of the members has their moment to shine with some solo songs included in some albums of the group.

Jin knows how to excite all the ARMYS with his incredible voice, making the lyrics of each melody meaningful to each person by creating feelings depending on the mood.


It is the first song that the idol who wrote and produced alone, where it is implied that perhaps, he cannot fly as high as the other members, in terms of singing, but he affirms that he will continue to struggle to achieve and maintain joined group. Many fans took this song as a farewell to the idol as he is about to enter mandatory military service.



In this song included in the album love yourself: answer, she teaches how we should love ourselves as we are, since it is aimed at people who have low self-esteem.


For this song, the BTS singer said that it would be dedicated to his pets, since his dog passed away a couple of years ago and it was a very difficult moment for him, because he shared many happy moments with him, in his spare time from the band .


One of the most significant melodies, where he explains how, he is the moon that looks at the earth, who is ARMY, and although the song is not literally sad, if it is very moving thanks to its lyrics, it could be said that Jin is the one. enlighten the fans.

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All the songs are amazing and very emotional in different ways for Jin. What did you think of the songs? Which is your favorite?.


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