BTS may postpone their military service


When the law comes into force, it will be up to the members of the group to take this opportunity, we will tell you what the law says and how it benefits BTS.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense had been in discussions about the alternatives that the idols of Big Hit Entertainment would have to fulfill their duty as citizens without losing the best moment of their careers. The wait came to an end and now there is a resolution on the matter.

In accordance with this law, those people who have been awarded for their merits in the field of Popular Culture and the Arts will have the possibility of requesting that their military service be postponed.

The law will come into effect from the next 6 months after the announcement and to determine which people are worthy of this right, there will be a presidential amendment to evaluate each case.


The new law indicates that those who have the title of Merit in the field of Popular Culture and the Arts will be able to delay their entry into the army even until they are 30 years old, so Jin would not have to enlist until 2022.

Despite this, it will be the choice of each idol in the group to take the opportunity to postpone their military service or fulfill this duty at the indicated time.

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