BTS: MARIACHI The ARMY dressed like going crazy


Can you imagine receiving a romantic serenade with the boys of BTS? ARMY goes viral and an image of V dressed like a mariachi is back in trend.

The BTS boys have caused a great sensation within the music industry and social networks, as there is not a day when we do not hear any new news about this South Korean boy band that has completely stolen our hearts.

And we can’t deny that Taehyung, better known as V, has positioned himself as a favorite among millions of people. And this time it was the ARMY who was in charge of viralizing a photo of him dressed as a mariachi.

Although this image is an edit made by a user on Twitter, that did not hurt the fandom to imagine their favorite idol in a very Mexican version. Can you imagine receiving a romantic serenade with the boys of BTS?

Look at the photo of V as a mariachi!

Remember that V has stood out for being one of the most talented members of the group, he has even been recognized for having one of the most sensual voices and physiques. So seeing it in a more Mexican style has been like the cherry on the cake.

Although the ARMY is made up of millions of different nationalities, we have to recognize that in Mexico there is a large percentage, which is why this image of Taehyung dressed as a mariachi has become a trend.

BTS Mexican version

As expected, this photograph of V as a mariachi has generated hundreds of reactions among the ARMY, many even imagined what it would be like to receive a romantic serenade by this great K-Pop idol.

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It is worth mentioning that Taehyung was among the social media trends in recent days after starting a strong discussion about the new color of his hair, where the ARMY has already begun to make its bets between blonde, ash and blue.



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