BTS manages to position itself within the 100 most beautiful faces 2020


The boys of BTS managed to position themselves within the Top organized by TC Candler thanks to their talent and popularity in social networks.

BTS is positioned within the 100 most beautiful faces in the world organized by TC Candler, their popularity and attractiveness made them deserving of a place within the annual list where singers, actors and more compete.

The K-pop group of BigHit continues to add new awards and recognitions in the final stretch of 2020, although they could start the new year with great goals, as there are some Korean galas such as the Golden Disk and the Gaon Awards, in addition to the expected GRAMMY 2021 . Recently, idols were considered the most beautiful men in the world.

Through its official social networks, TC Candler revealed the winners of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world 2020,ranking that they organized for a few months and BTS managed to position itself within the top, from second to 39th place on the list, thanks to its attractiveness and popularity on social networks.

ARMY demonstrated once again why they are one of the most powerful fandoms, because thanks to the votes, comments and hashtags on behalf of the members, which were made within the organizer’s accounts, they managed to give a victory to the boys, who were they faced other world famous stars.


Jimin, V, Jungkook, and Jin were the winners of the male beauty pageant, each of them stands out for their features and attractiveness, ARMY also supported RM, J-Hope, and Suga. TC Candler shared a video with photos of all the winners, accompanied by phrases and descriptions for each one.

The 4 Bangtan Boys were featured as singers, dancers, and songwriters. V was praised for being handsome, Jungkook was recognized as king of champions, Jimin fell in love with everyone with an ethereal image lying down and in pajamas, Jin was described with his title of Worldwide, a title that he gave himself as the most beautiful boy thanks to his security and great self-esteem.

It is not the first time that BTS has been listed on TC Candler’s annual list , on other occasions they have led the list with the first place, the seven members also positioned themselves within the 100 most beautiful faces of K-pop 2020.

V also made it onto a second list that evaluated the 100 Most Attractive Faces in K-pop and was crowned the winner.


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