BTS makes a special live for Suga


The birthday of the idol is close and the boys shared what their plans are to celebrate it

Afew days after Suga’s birthday and after having done a lot of activities to promote his new album, Map of the Soul: 7, the BTS guys surprised fans with a live broadcast via V App.

The members had communicated with ARMY throughout the week , however this is the first transmission they have made for some time, where the 7 were gathered and very excited to talk with their followers around the world.

The idea of ​​this transmission was from Jin , who thought that since it has not been easy to see his fans despite being promotions, it would be good to greet them and take some time to feel them close.

Due to the situation facing Korea with the cases of Coronavirus detected , music shows that usually have the presence of fans among the public have been carried out behind closed doors, during these events, the idols have exterminated their followers They miss seeing them and hearing their support.

With the title ‘ 2 days before the birthday of Min Suga’, this live started and gave us a lot of fun moments but in addition, the boys shared a bit about the recording process for the different videos they have recently released. As during the video reaction, the members described the difficulties they faced due to the weather, then they remembered that during the filming of Spring Day the weather was also complicated, but without a doubt the recordings of ‘ON’ were even more difficult.

In addition to mentioning their favorite scenes from the video, the boys said they wanted to show ARMY better presentations and always thank them for their unconditional support. Suga said he would like to shoot daily videos in English to be able to communicate with fans around the world and later the group recalled what the reason was for the broadcast.

That way, BTS sang happy birthday to Suga and announced that they would eat together to celebrate , on the other hand, the idol that awaits his birthday, expressed his happiness because his family is in Seoul, so that he can Share that special day with them.

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