BTS makes comeback in M Countdown


BTS makes comeback in M Countdown. Live presentations have begun in an incredible way.

The group has promoted the launch of Map of the Soul: 7 promoting ‘ON’ in different programs in the United States, most of them have tried to talk about the creative process through the different interviews that the boys have given.

Despite this we have already seen different versions of the video of ‘ON’ such as a dance version, the presentation in Grand Central Terminal and, of course, the Kinetic Manifesto Film, the presentations in the Korean music shows are just beginning.

M Countdown was the first to have a presentation of the boys, just a few hours before the release of the official video for the promotional single from his album. The presentation was attended by a group of dancers who dressed in white accompanied Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook in this performance.

Wearing black clothes that allowed them to contrast, the boys showed their charisma on the stage of this show, while interpreting their single in front of a small audience that managed to enter Mnet’s studios .

From the beginning of the clip you can listen to the fans who encourage the boys of Bangtan, who gave all their energy to test their abilities and thank their followers for the support.

Prior to their presentation, the boys recorded a video backstage where Jimin worked as the MC and approached each one to ask them questions, we could hear a bit of ‘ON’ in Jungkook’s voice and Suga making an acrostic poem for ARMY.

The B-side track that BTS presented to complement its participation in M Countdown was Black Swan, a piece that, although it had already been shown and interpreted in different media, now returns with a style typical of Korean television music shows. What did you think of the presentations of the BTS guys?

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