BTS lived great moments during Bang Bang Con: The Live


Although all the moments of BTS’s online concert were incredible, these moments remained at the heart of ARMY. Relive the best moments of the online concert of BTS , ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’.

In the early hours of today, the boys from BTS presented their online show ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’, a concert specially designed for ARMY to connect even more with the 7 members of the Bangtan Boys.

As promised by the BTS company , the idols opened the doors of their home to receive thousands of ARMYS from around the world, the boys of the group showed all their skills and talents.

The hashtag # BANGBANGCON_TheLive became a trend, many fans commented on their ideas about the presentation of BTS , hoping that soon there will be the opportunity to see themselves in another musical activity of the group.

BTS members exchange messages for the closing of FESTA 2020, the members of the group opened their feelings and revealed what they feel 7 years after having debuted in the world of K-pop.

The tracklist

The boys made a musical review for each of their record materials, BTS in these 7 years have presented incredible songs. ARMY on ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ enjoyed tracks like: DOPE, Boyz With Fun, I Like It and Just One Day.

Jimin and V

Jimin and BTS’s V performed ‘ Friends ‘, the song that portrays their friendship and moved the entire audience for ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’.

Boys With Fun

One of the most special performances of the ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ concert was the song ‘Boys With Fun’ , which made everyone dance at home.

Virtual hug

The boys from BTS were very happy to interact with ARMY from all over the world, they sent an emotional hug through the Internet.

New look

Many fans noticed that Suga was sporting a new haircut, the idol chose ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ to present his look.


One of the most important songs in BTS’s career is ‘ Dope ‘, the boys of the Big Hit Entertainment group did not hesitate to give it their special touch in ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’.


They all had pleasant moments enjoying the BTS shows , ARMY said goodbye to the boys and the idols thanked the netizens for visiting the ‘ Bang Bang Con: The Live’ concert.


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