BTS launches its new Galaxy S20 cell phone, how and where to buy it?


BTS launches its new Galaxy S20 cell phone, how and where to buy it? With exclusive accessories, the purple color and the BTS logo, we present you the Galaxy 20.

Already working under his new contract, BTS has several releases ready for ARMY, including his doc series “BTS Music Journey”, his Japanese album and his new personalized cell phone in collaboration with Samsung.

The group will once again explore the technology market, with a latest technology Smartphone that has everything necessary to demonstrate your love for boys, the presales have already begun, therefore, we tell you all the details so you can get your savings and you can buy it.

Through its social networks, Samsung has already released all the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S20 BTS edition, a purple cell phone, with a heart and the group’s logo decorating its surface, in addition to moving wallpapers and more.

What is the price of the new BTS cell phone?

If you want to buy it, as an early birthday or Christmas gift, we tell you that its price is approximately 26 thousand Mexican pesos. On the so-called Galaxy Buds, wireless headphones, in 4 thousand 500 pesos. You can buy both or separately.

Where to buy the BTS Galaxy S20?

The sale will be made through the Weverse Shop , if you saved enough, whoever buys the phone in presale will receive as a gift a purple wireless charger with the BTS logo, a special case and a poster of the group.

Although if you buy it normally, either the 2 products or just 1, each of them comes with stickers and gift photocards so you can decorate your cell phone. If all the accessories are not enough, the technology will allow you to unlock your cell phone with your bias, apparently, the photocards will serve as a facial unlock on your Smartphone.

This collaboration could take full advantage of the popularity of BTS , who once again demonstrated the support of thousands of fans around the world by breaking the record for the best-selling online concert thanks to Bang Bang Con.


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