BTS launches interactive UNO, how to download their new game


BTS launches interactive UNO, how to download their new game. Find out all the details of this new collaboration between BTS and Mattel. Play with BTS and show off your skills in fun UNO games.

The members of BTS do not stop surprising their fans with new activities, dynamics and products in order for ARMY to entertain themselves and fill their days with emotion together with the 7 boys of the Bangtan Boys .

BTS has worked with several major brands in technology, furniture, jewelry, clothing and toys, they are one of the groups with the most advertising contracts due to their fame and impact on the public that is faithful to them.

The Bangtan Boys have collaborated with Mattel to create the version of the 7 idols in dolls, the line was a bestseller worldwide, even some versions of these toys appeared within a music video by Selena Gomez.

Now, BTS has partnered again with the Mattel company to launch an entertaining online card game , the idols of the Big Hit Entertainment gang will accompany you in all your games of ‘ UNO ‘.

The BTS x UN O application is an interactive game that you can download to your cell phone or tablet and has different sounds, effects, phrases, songs and emojis from Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook.

Each of the members of BTS added his voice to the game , so every time you win a game, you level or concretes victory, the boys of BTS will encourage you to keep your skills honed shouting ONE.

The reaction of the fans of BTS was amazing, then quickly made extraordinary numbers in the game BTS x UNO , the official account of UNO on TWITTER shared his happiness for these achievements ARMY posting a message :

“You just passed the first 10 million milestone like it was nothing #UNOxBTS”


It is very easy to install the game to BTS on your phone or mobile device :

If your phone is Android, click here.

If your phone is iPhone and iOS, click here.

Download BTS x ONE and spend hours of fun on the side of the Bangtan Boys !

Recently BTS premiered his song in Japanese ‘Stay Gold ‘, a melody very emotional. In his first performance in live , Taehyung went viral, the entire audience was asked: Who is the guy with the glasses?


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