BTS Launches Emotional Post As Part Of Comeback


BTS launches emotional postcards as part of its comeback. These will be handwritten and a dynamic will be given to know who the winners will be.

As part of the HyundaixBTS campaign , in New York City they are making preparations for the launch and this is what is happening.

The Hyundai company , as part of this campaign, will be giving away postcards during its different launch events of this collaboration, the largest, which will take place on February 21 at the iconic Times Square in New York City.

But inside information is said that only 10 people will be the possessors of these cards collection which, are said to be written by hand and of course they are collectibles , through the account Instagram @hyundai .lifestyle is You will know more details later.

The postcards , which are undoubtedly inspired by nature , are individual and behind come with a message for their followers , they say the following:

‘After the rain washes everything, a clean world awaits us’

‘As thousands of stars illuminate the universe, our future lights up when we join together’

– Suga .

‘Forest, our rest comes from the forest’

– Jimin .

‘Like endless waves, our possibilities are endless’

– Jungkook .

‘Like the first snowfall, the world will be full of unexpected moments’

– V .

‘Like the cloud that lives between the moon and the stars, we become something magical when we are together’

– Jin .

‘Like the bright sun, our future is bright’

– J-Hope .

Check all postcards :


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