BTS to launch Moment of ligth, a jewelry collection


BTS to launch Moment of ligth, a jewelry collection. The group will launch necklaces with designs and a special meaning, soon they will be on sale.

Very soon you will be able to acquire a very special piece of jewelry in collaboration with BTS. Stonehenge is a well-known South Korean jewelry brand that was first launched by Merado in 2008, its design concept is ‘pure and simple’, they want their clients to feel the essence of feminine elegance and beauty.

The company announced a collection of necklaces with BTS which is called ‘ Moment of light’ (Moment of Light) and is inspired by three words that the group wants their fans to always keep in mind: birth, destiny and coexistence.

The accessories are silver, with highly aesthetic shapes that reflect the entire aura of the group of Big Hit Entertainment , the silhouettes remind of the different moon phases , such as full moon, half moon and new moon.

This special collection will be available in the official jewelry store and fans will also be able to access the presale from May 18 at the Weverse store and at Weply, where there are also more official BTS items .

The group is the king of collaborations with other brands, as this year they have participated with different companies including sportswear, cars, relaxing chairs and coffee shops, ensuring that fans will be able to have BTS closer and closer.

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