BTS kicks off the Daechwita Challenge


BTS’s TikTok account has been updated with a video by J-Hope and Suga, who to the rhythm of Agust D-2’s title track have started the Daechwita Challenge. Doing it is very simple, read on and join this dynamic.

Just a day ago, Suga surprised with the premiere of his second mixtape on different music platforms and also, by releasing the music video for Daechwita. The lyrics and the stage proposed by that production amazed the fans, who have not stopped listening to this melody over and over again.

But now, Hoseok and Yoongi come up with a new idea from the group’s account on TikTok, it is a challenge where both shake their heads up and down following the rhythm of Daechwita.

This action has given ARMYs the opportunity to replicate the idea of their favorite idols and at the same time share their love for Agust D’s new songs. Would you join this fun challenge?


#DAECHWITA 한번씩 흔들어보자구

♬ 대취타 – Agust D


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