BTS: Jungkook’s scandal against EXO Do you remember?


BTS’s Jungkook created controversy with the EXO-Ls for using a phrase like “tease.” Let’s remember this past drama!

It is no secret to anyone that EXO and BTS are two of the most important male groups in the K-Pop genre. Therefore, ARMY (BTS’s fandom) and EXO-L (EXO’s fandom) tend to have some rivalries on social media, as each defends their idols to the hilt.

However, a few years ago a huge controversy was created between the fans of both South Korean groups after Jungkook, one of the BangTan boys, made a comment where some EXO-L thought he was “making fun” of the interpreters of “Love Shot ”.

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Jungkook’s controversy with “Let’s Love”

For some time, a small group of EXO fans and BTS fans experienced a bit of tension between them. Some EXO-L believe that BTS mimics EXO’s concept and style, while ARMY argues that this is a general concept that many idols put together.

The tension got even worse in 2015 when Jungkook used the term “Let’s Love” with BTS. A small group of EXO-L felt it was an insult, because the phrase has become something of a motto for EXO.

The Photoshopped image of Jungkook’s portrait attached to a funeral wreath began to spread among EXO-L’s angry at the idol. So many ARMY felt that the image was too harsh and the tension between certain members of the two fan clubs grew.

When fans realized that EXO and BTS were really close, the enmity seemed to have subsided and it was apparently all a misunderstanding, as ARMY knows that Jungkook would not be able to do something with malicious intent.

And it is that both groups have managed to stand out in their own way, each one has millions of fans and between the members there are no rivalries, so most of the fandom have decided to try not to continue comparing idols. Would you like to see a collaboration between EXO and BTS?

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