BTS: Jungkook will now be nicknamed “Jungkook Jackson”


Jungkook of the South Korean group BTS has stood out so much in the Dynamite video that he was even compared to Michael Jackson.

BTS’s Jungkook earns the nickname ‘Jungkook Jackson’, brilliantly executing the voice and movements of a pop singer, according to the general public. His milk scene in the Dynamite music video has gone viral, grabbing the attention of milk brands once again.

Not only that, Jungkook’s song ‘My Time’ reentered the US iTunes on the day of Dynamite’s release as locals searched for his name.

Jungkook had the highest trend among members around the world on Dynamite’s release day, drawing the attention and craziness of the general public, which hasn’t stopped.

Previously, South Korean voice actor Koo Ja Hyeong compared BTS to the Beatles and Jungkook to Michael Jackson in his upcoming book review on BTS. The media highlighted that ‘Jungkook can easily be considered the’ Michael Jackson of South Korea ‘.

K-pop group Dynamite sends a tribute to legend MJ, with Kookie showcasing the best energy of the famous king of pop. The idols’ dance steps left ARMY speechless.

Jungkook ranks as one of BTS’s favorites

Fans of the band are excited to see that Jungkook’s popularity is growing internationally and domestically. In South Korea, audiences seem to express their surprise with Jungkook’s beauty and voice in the MV, calling it the highlight of the super hit song.

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The new song by the boys BangTan has already managed to conquer the music charts in just its first opening weekend, dominating YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and other music platforms. Do you think Jungkook managed to represent Michael Jackson well? Would you like to hear a new song by the idol as a soloist? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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