BTS: Jungkook sells his luxury flat in Seoul


It is reported that Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS has decided to sell his luxurious property located in Seoul; place that never lived.

Given that they are one of the most influential musical acts of the current generation and a global phenomenon, to say the least, it’s no wonder BTS can afford a very luxurious and glamorous life.

It definitely helped that the septet generously received 68,385 shares in August, as Big Hit Entertainment was officially listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) this month.

As the members continue to live together in their shared bedroom in South Korea’s most expensive apartment, Hannam The Hill, the boys have also purchased individual apartments with Jungkook and J-Hope as neighbors at the luxurious Seoul Forest Trimage complex in Seongdong-gu. , in Seoul, South Korea.

While Hobi bought his apartment in 2016 for 1.6 billion won, Jungkook reportedly bought his apartment in October 2018 for 1.95 billion won.

The 23-year-old singer had allegedly bought the apartment for cash, according to The Qoo via Koreaboo.

Jungkook “lost” money by selling his apartment
Recently, according to the Allkpop outlet, The Golden Maknae has sold their apartment, exactly two years since they bought it, on October 7, for 2.5 billion won.

Based on the assumption of real estate professionals, Jungkook probably did not make a profit, especially considering how he had to pay property taxes along with other fees.

Interestingly, Jungkook never lived in his apartment before selling it. As for the Seoul Forest Trimage complex, which has been dubbed ‘Celebrity Town’ and overlooks the Han River, it has many Korean celebrities as occupants, including Super Junior’s Siwon and Heechul, Girls Generation’s Sunny, the star of When the Weather Is Fine Seo Kang -joon and Flower of Evil star Kim Ji-hoon, among others.

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up for their next comeback which will take place on November 20 with the release of their upcoming highly anticipated album “BE.” Do you think Kookie should have kept that luxurious apartment? Do you think the idol should invest her money in more things?

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