BTS: Jungkook rules over TikTok.


BTS member Jungkook has become the first and only person to achieve something impressive on TikTok.

BTS’s Jungkook is no stranger to setting records and paving the way, and has been doing so for quite some time on the video-sharing social media app TikTok.

With his #jungkook hashtag racking up over 20 billion views on the app, Jungkook becomes the first and only person in the world to achieve that many views on an individual hashtag.

His other hashtags #jeonjungkook and #btsjungkook had garnered 4.1 billion views and 1.1 billion views respectively, and he also has countless other hashtags like #jungkookie, #jungkookedit, #jeon_jungkook, #jungkookhot, #happybirthdayjungkook with millions of views each.

Taking all of this into account, it’s safe to say that Jungkook is the most viewed person in TikTok history, and the fact that he accomplished all of this without even having an account speaks to his organic worldwide popularity.

Previously, in August, Jungkook made headlines when he broke the record held by Salman Khan, who had 15.5 billion views on his hashtag at the time.

When Jungkook’s hashtag reached 15.6 billion views, he became the most viewed person on an individual hashtag, and the charming BTS idol has continued to break his own record ever since.

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Jungkook also takes over Instagram

This is not the first time that Jungkook has left a mark on the social media platform without having an account, as he previously won the MTV Millenial Awards for the title ‘Instagrammer Global’, beating out famous Instagram celebrities like Ariana Grande, Marshmello and Shawn Mendes.

Despite not having an Instagram account, Jungkook was the first Korean artist to win this award, and this proud event made headlines in South Korea and around the world.

Jungkook is truly the king of social media, and his organic popularity indicates his large fanbase of his k-pop, as well as solid public recognition. Do you think Jungkook should have his TikTok and Instagram account?


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