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BTS: Jungkook reveals a radical change of look that delights ARMY


The BTS group is undoubtedly one of the most famous k-pop bands of these times, and each of its members are super loved by their fans, the ARMY, so much so that they are aware of the looks that each of them wears , however, today highlighted a lot one in social networks.

This is the spoiled Jungkook who received all the attention on Twitter, as some images of the singer were filtered with his very long hair and specifically with a horsetail that touched all the ARMY.

In the images you can see that the singer made a small tail with her hair, apart from appearing without makeup, so it went viral, sharing thousands of times on Twitter, because fans are in love with that new look.

It should be remembered that Jungkook had long hair for a while, with which he had a huge crush on his fans, although recently he decided to cut it off for what everyone is sad, so this look has returned their hopes that he will let it grow again.

Recently it has been said that we could be facing a new track on the BTS comeback. First the video where they appear working with a producer and now a rumor about the possible new name of BTS.

According to the information of the British portal NME, and as we all know, the boys comeback is one of the most anticipated in the world, so it is considered that his new album, which has not even gone out yet, will be the best musical releases of 2020 and it seems that they could have revealed his name early.

Something that BTS is characterized by sharing a very powerful message about self-love, however, it seems that in their new stage they could explore the dark side of the soul, such as our fears, or some negative situations that affect us. The theory was generated after the early revelation of the supposed new name of his album: “BTS with” Map of the Soul: Shadow “.




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