BTS: Jungkook Photos That Could Become The Best Memes


BTS’s Jungkook is a very expressive idol and thanks to some photos he could become a good meme. The expressions of our favorite idols can easily become memes and Jungkook of BTS does not fail for it either, what photos can become the new memes of ARMY?

Jungkook is an impressive idol, his passion for singing and dancing are visible every time he takes the stage with his fellow BTS members ; In addition to having a very cute personality that shows us in each content of the K-Pop group , be it interviews, variety shows, behind the scenes and more.

But also, JK stands out for his original tattoos that show us more than what is in his mind and heart, this idol expresses himself very well through different arts ; there is much to admire about him, including his beautiful features that have made his face one of the most fascinating in the K-Pop industry ,

Although sometimes, some photographs may not show us the most perfect side of the beautiful face of Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae , but they do show expressions to identify ourselves and make the best memes ; so here ARMY has many new templates to make these funny graphic jokes that make everyone laugh.


Angry Jungkook

In what situations can we use this image of Jungkook ? Imagination is the limit, but it makes me very angry when they ask me to lower the volume of my music.

I also feel like I have this angry Jungkook expression when I’m starving and no one feeds me.

Jungkook Chikito

This image reminds me of the kitty who doesn’t know anyone at the party … LOL, little Jungkook can become a new meme too.

How cute JK looks in this photo.

Jungkook Rolling His Eyes

There always comes a time when someone is talking and we can’t bear it, so we just have to roll our eyes to express our tiredness, so Jungkook also has an expression for this.

Have you thought about what memes to do with this photo?

Jungkook Surprised

Surprised Jungkook can help us express that great feeling of when you find out the truth, of a gossip that you already suspected or realize that you got 10 when you thought you were going to fail.

Or when we saw the prices for the BTS concert in Los Angeles, LOL.

Jungkook Excited

You know, when Bangtan finally confirms their world tour, we will be able to use an excited Jungkook to express our feelings for this great moment.

What was your favorite? Now you have new Jungkook memes or you can turn them into WhatsApp stickers too.


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