BTS: Jungkook is the member with the greatest fortune?


BTS: Jungkook’s popularity is overwhelming. Take a look at the idol’s net worth

BTS is the best-selling group in South Korean history and the most popular band in the world, raising around $ 3.6 billion in the South Korean economy annually and have a combined net worth of around $ 60 million, according to Kpopstarz.

BTS’s main vocalist Jeon Jungkook, popularly known by his stage name Jungkook, is the most popular among the seven members, and possibly the wealthiest.

This is not a surprise as the group releases chart-topping albums, breaking records one after another, and easily manages to sell out the stadiums on tours both domestically and internationally.

The popularity and net worth of individual BTS members, including Jungkook’s, is very impressive.

Jungkook’s success

Jungkook debuted as a member of BTS under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013 and has successfully established himself as the most popular K-Pop star in the world. He became the most searched K-Pop idol on Google in the first half of 2020, ranking at the top for 22 out of 25 weeks with over 628.57 daily searches and has held the record since 2017.

The 22-year-old has also dominated other social media platforms with his charming personality and dedication to his fans. Jungkook was ranked as the most searched idol on YouTube and was also the first and only singer in the world to garner more than 10 billion views on TikTok.

The idol’s solo song, “Euphoria,” which was released in 2018, sold more than 4 million copies worldwide and became the longest song by a male K-Pop artist on the Billboard chart for World Digital Song Sales, according to Seventeen. It was also labeled the best-selling B-side track by a South Korean artist.

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His song “My Time”, which was released earlier this year, also achieved worldwide success. The song was co-written by the idol and has surpassed 50 million views on Spotify.

Jungkook, who has dominated the world as the most popular K-Pop star, has an estimated net worth of $ 8 million as of 8 months in 2020.

Do you think Jungkook could have a successful solo career? Or do you think his success is 100% linked to BTS? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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