BTS: Jungkook fell in love with ARMY with his student looks


Jungkook has driven ARMY crazy by showing himself as a sexy student in a new episode of RUN BTS !.

RUN BTS! continues to talk on social networks, something that is not surprising, because it is well known that this reality show allows the ARMY to have fun with the madness of the Bangtan Boys, although in this new episode it has been Jungkook who stole the attention of the fandom.

Episode 113 of RUN BTS! continues to show the boys of BTS remember their days as students, because now they have taken music classes, Chinese characters and physical education with Jin as a teacher, but what stood out the most was how sexy Jungkook looked in his uniform, something that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

Jungkook falls in love in new episode of RUN BTS!

Screenshots taken from RUN BTS episode 113! They have become viral on all social networks and all thanks to the ARMY, who did not hesitate to share how sexy the idol looked with his uniform, which consisted of a white shirt, a tie and a blue sweater, but what gave a Special touch were the glasses she was wearing.

Fans of the group assure that the program returned more fun than ever, and so that you can see for yourself we leave you the link so you can enjoy episode 113 of RUN BTS! that Jungkook is wearing.

Once again it is shown that Jungkook, in addition to being one of the most talented artists in the K-Pop industry, is capable of paralyzing social networks with a few simple photographs, as they have received hundreds of compliments from the ARMY in all the world.

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