BTS: Jungkook amazes everyone with his painting skills


Does Jungkook also know how to paint? The members of BTS and ARMY were shocked to notice the great artistic talent that the youngest of the group has.

Many are aware that BTS members are multi-talented people who take on the global village with their incredible abilities to sing, write songs, and produce music.

We know that many of the group members also have other talents in the field of sports and the arts. This is especially true for the youngest member of the group.

Jungkook is often known as the “Golden Maknae” as he is good at everything he does. He has wowed fans with his songwriting skills, gifting them with his recent song “Still With You” and the Japanese song “Your Eyes Tell.”

Junkook recently received praise from its members and netizens for surprising everyone with his exceptional painting skills that are almost on par with painter Bob Ross.

Jungkook impresses BTS with his talent for painting

On the sixth episode of ‘In The Soop BTS,’ RM and Jungkook spent a quiet day painting. Each one painted the landscape around them.

When Jungkook’s painting was almost finished, J-Hope and V went to see the two paintings. The two members couldn’t help but drop their mouths in amazement at Jungkook’s painting.

J-Hope was so in awe of his painting that he commented, “Wow! What are you? What’s your identity? It’s amazing, it’s so good.”

The same reaction was given by netizens who saw Jungkook’s drawings. On an online community, a fan compiled all of the works and drawings Jungkook had created while other netizens were impressed with the K-pop artist’s diverse talent.

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An ARMY also commented on social media: “Jungkook is very talented in arts and music. He learned to paint himself by watching Bob Ross videos.” Another mentioned, “LOL, the members are also surprised by Jungkook’s painting skills.” “I wonder how much better I would paint if I learned to paint.” stated another fan.


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