This is how BTS joined the Summer Sonic Festival


A few years ago BTS was presented at the Summer Sonic Festival, know the story of his appearance at this event. Learn about the story behind the invitation for BTS members to be part of the Summer Sonic Festival in 2015 .

The Summer Sonic Festival is an event in Japan that has gained popularity around the world, to the extent that some people even travel to this country to enjoy the show. Some years ago, BTS joined the line up of said festival, but it was until now that the way in which this group was awarded their invitation was revealed.

One of the most important characteristics of the Summer Sonic Festival is that among the artists and invited groups, there are always figures of music that have transcended over several years.

Although in 2015 BTS was already popular in Asia, it was not yet the musical phenomenon that we all know today, so some asked how it was that a group that was just beginning to stand out had managed to enter the line up of such a festival important.

It was recently revealed that one of the people in charge of recruiting the guest artists had seen BTS’s performances and, convinced that the group would become one of the largest over the years, suggested including them.

The result was surprising, since having appeared on the Rainbow Stage, they were really close to the audience and could transmit all their energy to those present.

Also, the MC of this event said that thanks to the BTS guys choosing fun and rap-filled songs for their performance, the crowd was able to come together and enjoy every moment.

BTS recently broke a new record with their latest album, Map Of The Soul: 7, this time on the Oricon charts in Japan.


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