BTS: Jin’s fans send PROTEST TRUCK to Big Hit’s office


Fans of BTS’s Jin sent a protest truck to Big Hit’s office demanding fair treatment for the idol.

BTS’s international ARMY, specifically the Seokjinnies, who are BTS’s Jin fans, reached out to Big Hit Entertainment after requesting a fair treatment of Jin for the latest developments where they have pushed him aside.

The move came days after fans pointed out that its part in the acoustic and EDM version of Dynamite is inaudible, a fact that the ARMY has not tolerated with any justification.

That’s why the recent record-breaking BTS music video Dynamite some ARMY members confessed to the way Jin was treated, as fans felt that Seokjin was not enough line distribution and time of screen compared to other members.

If that wasn’t enough, the ARMY members started singing “BTS is 7” after the acoustic and EDM version of the song was released this week. According to fans on Twitter, the song removed or limited Jin’s part to the point that her voice was not audible.

A protest truck at Big Hit offices

It is because of this situation that BTS fans approached Big Hit asking them to make the necessary changes and expressing their support for Jin. However, some fans went one step further and set up a protest truck in front of Big Hit Entertainment’s office, asking the agency to treat Jin fairly.

According to Koreaboo, “International Seokjinnies” sent the van to speak on Jin’s behalf. The truck featured a message that read, “We want our request to be heard as fans of Kim Seokjin to give him opportunities to use his talents properly.”

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It should be noted that the measure has caused mixed reactions on the part of ARMY, this while some fans expressed their support for the measure, there were others who think that it could upset Jin with these actions.

Do you think this measure that the ARMY took was good? Do you really think Jin is being discriminated against in the band?


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