BTS: Jin’s best oversize looks, gorgeous!


The members of BTS have a great taste for fashion but in particular Jin, knows how to perfectly show off the oversized style.

Wearing larger sizes has become a global trend, thousands of people have joined this oversize fashion and have adapted the outfits of some celebrities to their lifestyle. Celebrities have become fashion leaders and icons, just like BTS’s Jin, who has incredible style.

Jin with oversize look

That is why here we show you their best oversize outfits, since not all members of the group enjoy this style. For his part, Jimin prefers to wear clothes according to his figure (and he also looks great) but others wear looser clothes and this has been replicated in the world.

Here below we leave you the photos of the Kim Seok-jin outfits that you will surely love.

Jin Outfits – BTS

Oversized clothes are not at odds with having good taste or looking spectacular, with the following outfit, Jin looked incredible. He wore a gray denim trench coat perfect for a casual look.

Jin from BTS with hoodie

Oversized hoodies are ideal for any casual occasion and you will surely be fully comfortable, as Jin looks in the following photograph with a salmon-colored hoodie that could be the ideal garment for a long plane trip.

Jin with oversized T-shirt

A wide T-shirt may be the best option if you are going to have a busy day, just like Jin every time he has to rehearse his choreography.

Without a doubt, whatever he wears, BTS’s Jin looks spectacular since we can’t deny that he’s made a hottie and he’s one of the most handsome men in the world.


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