BTS Jin to his brother on his wedding day..


Jin provided the right words for the bride and groom and wedding guests. BTS attended Jin’s brother’s wedding to share this special event.

Recently, an important event occurred in Jin’s family , as through a marriage ceremony his brother and his now wife joined their lives. Jin attended the event, but also played a very important role.

Out of all the guests the families considered, Jin was chosen as the MC for the wedding and he fulfilled this role splendidly, bringing extra joy to such a special moment.

While leading the event, Jin was cheerful and also joked while having the microphone in his possession. But without a doubt, Seokjin also found the right words to reach the hearts of the guests and the bride and groom.

Another guest at the wedding was Lee Hyun , who sang the congratulatory song to the newlywed couple. After the melody came to an end, Jin acknowledged that he would also have liked to perform a song for the bride and groom, but among the available songs only Fake Love was known and he would definitely not perform it at a time like that.

Other BTS members such as J-Hope and RM also attended this event, however, they only presented their gift to the couple and left. Something similar happened with Seokjin, who after reuniting with his family and being the MC of the wedding, said goodbye to leave.

Later, when Jin’s brother shared some pictures from the wedding on social media, he thanked the guests, singer Lee Hyun, and of course Jin for being there and being the MC for the event.


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