BTS: Jin teases Jungkook’s birthday CONGRATULATIONS


BTS’s singer and dancer Jin has surprised by anticipating Jungkook’s birthday wishes

Jeon Jungkook or generally called Jungkook will have his birthday tomorrow, to be precise, on September 1, 2020, this year Jungkook turns 23 and Jin from BTS has not been able to wait to congratulate him.

On the Korean calendar, his age increases from 1 year to 24 years and after waiting for the ARMY to update, Jungkook finally uploaded a selfie photo yesterday before presenting today’s Dynamite on MTV VMA.

Together with the Hyungs, they uploaded a selfie with the hashtag D-1, Dynamite, and VMA, the events that will be appearing, but nevertheless, we can momentarily remember the BTS members last year gave Jungkook a happy birthday with a lot of emotion.

All of the BTS members didn’t miss out on saying it through direct messages or social media, starting with Jin, V’s older brother, who is 1 year and 4 months apart from Jungkook the Golden Maknae.

Jin’s congratulations to BTS’s Jungkook

Even though it was not celebrated generously and no video was uploaded during the birthday celebration, the members still celebrated Jungkook’s birthday when he returned from vacation, which in fact was when Jungkook’s birthday was BTS’s break from concert and recording schedules.

What surprised the ARMY boys is that in the uploaded photo, the BTS member gave happy birthday in the photo that he uploaded to Twitter, informing the BTS members from there that the oldest idol will currently be 28 years old.

Apparently Jin said happy birthday to Jungkook 3 days before his birthday which is September 1, seeing Jin who was too diligent in sending messages for fear of forgetting, Jungkook suddenly laughed at the behavior of the owner of the real name Kim Seok-jin.

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Jungkook -ah, happy birthday ^ _ ^. I’m afraid I’ll forget about it in the next few days, so I sent it first, Jin wrote in a screenshot of his conversation with Jungkook on KakaoTalk.

Then Jungkook laughed at the talk of Jin, who was too diligent in dismissing him: Hahahaha. Thank you. Hahahaha, Jungkook replied.

Notably, aside from the birthday greeting BTS’s Jin was making other fans laugh, there were other things that made him laugh even more. Jin still has Jungkook’s phone contact with the name “Big Hit Jungkook”. From the beginning of their debut, Jin named the younger siblings of the BTS members with the prefix Big Hit.

Have you already prepared the ideal greeting for Jungkook? Do you want to forward your congratulations as Jin from BTS to Jungkook?


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