BTS: Jin talks about Black Lives Matter and discrimination


Jin captivated the ARMY with the message he gave about Black Lives Matter and discrimination during the interview that BTS gave to Variety magazine.

BTS has become a phenomenon of international stature thanks to the talent and charisma of its seven members, but the enormous success they have had in recent years has not affected their humility and simplicity, since on more than one occasion they have shown their willingness to help others without having to be asked.

This time we will talk to you about the small interview that Jin, RM, J-Hope and Suga offered to Variety magazine to talk about racial discrimination, there the issue of the million dollar donation that BTS made to the movement was discussed Black Lives Matters in the United States.

The interview made mention of the millionaire donation that the South Korean band made to Black Lives Matter in recent months, which motivated the ARMY, the name by which its fans are known, to raise the same amount, a detail that was very grateful for the sympathizers of said movement.

Jin says that prejudice should not exist

Jin explained to Variety magazine the reasons why they decided to donate a large sum of money to the movement, in addition to revealing that he and the Bangtan Boys came to suffer discrimination at some point in their lives, especially when they were outside their hometown. South Korean.

“When we are abroad or in other situations, we have also been objects of prejudice,” said Jin.

Finally, the oldest member of BTS pointed out that he and the boys began to look for a way to help this movement, as he assures that prejudices should not exist in the world.

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“We believe that prejudice should not be tolerated; they really have no place. We started discussing what we could do to help, whether it was a donation or something else. That’s where the conversation started, just trying to see what we could do to try to alleviate this prejudice, “added the 27-year-old idol.

What did you think of Jin’s message about discrimination? Have you been a victim of prejudice? Leave your answer in the comments.


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