BTS: Jin takes over ARMY’s heart with his unique hairstyles


Jin’s looks during his presentation on Map Of The Soul ON: E, conquered BTS fans.

Netizens are in love with Jin’s two different hairstyles, which he showed off during BTS’s last virtual concert.

At BTS’s online concert ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E’ (MOTS ON: E), Jin perfected two different hairstyles that gave off contrasting vibes.

One style had his bangs parted and curly, which one netizen described as “cute in between half covered, half open”, and his other style fully revealed his forehead, which they called “Mature all revealing.”

Instead of choosing just one style for a concert, Jin’s stylist had given him two different styles, prompting netizens to compare the contrasting concepts.

Some fans preferred the former style while others leaned for the latter, and many wrote, “They’re both amazing”, “This is possible because it’s Jin’s face”, “Actually, they are BOTH cute!”

Another comment expressed, “Wow, I can’t believe we could see these two different Jins in one day.” Another said, “Cute and handsome in one day. I favor the Jin forehead” and an ARMY added, “Young and rich, tall and handsome, says the second look.

Jin conquered fans on MOTS ON: E

The biggest member of BTS once again demonstrated his undeniable talent during the k-pop group’s two-day performance.

The virtual concert was one of the most anticipated by ARMY, so they ended up breaking several records, both in people who saw the event online and in number of sales.

Each one of the captive idols with their presentations and their names became a trend on social networks in dozens of countries.

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Seokjin shocked thousands of fans who love to see Worldwide Handsome in action on stage. What was your favorite Jin’s hairstyle? What did you think of BTS’s virtual concert?


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