BTS’ Jin reveals to ARMY what the girl of his dreams is like


Jin from BTS confessed to the ARMY what his ideal girl would be. Do you have everything the idol is looking for?

The boys of BTS have become international K-Pop stars, that is why it is not surprising that they enjoy a great fandom, who fantasize about becoming the ideal girl of these beautiful and talented idols; but do you know what they are looking for in a woman?

This time we have the opportunity to mention to you what it is that Jin needs to see in a woman to fall completely in love and although it seems that winning the heart of this charismatic idol could be an impossible mission, in reality it is not because he is only looking for one girl that is just as charismatic, cheerful and with an excellent sense of humor as him.

What would Jin’s perfect girlfriend look like?


Jin has assured in previous interviews with various media that he has no problem with the girl who is fortunate enough to be chosen to be his girlfriend is older or younger than him.


The idol revealed that he finds girls with long, shiny hair extremely attractive, and that he would rather have an affair with a woman who is between 1.58 and 1.64 cm tall. He is also known to love seeing girls have a cute appearance and very pale skin.


Jin wants his ideal girl to be a loving, friendly, understanding, responsible, sincere, fresh and fun person, but also to have a calm character so that both of them can enjoy their romance when they are alone.

In the same way, it is known that the idol wants his girlfriend to be very mature and positive, this to understand the projects in which he is involved together with the boys of BTS. You would also like that person to be unconditional support for your music career.


Kim Seok-Jin’s perfect girlfriend will be the one who enjoys watching anime series, princess movies, is an animal lover, likes to cook and teaches the idol new things; She must also be very feminine, who likes to eat sweets and loves to have free time.

Jin has no problem dating someone from the fandom, but he would not be willing to maintain a long-distance relationship, despite the fact that on more than one occasion he has said that foreign girls are very beautiful.

Do you have everything it takes to win the idol’s heart? Would you like to have an affair with a K-Pop celebrity? Leave your answer in the comments.


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