BTS: Jin reveals details of the band’s new album OMG!


Jin revealed to the ARMY some details of BTS’s new album. What did he say?

Attention ARMY! Jin could not contain his emotion and in an act of tender indiscretion revealed some details of the new album that the boys of BTS have been preparing for a few months and that probably has a sound very similar to that of ‘Dynamite’, their most recent musical single. and the first entirely in English.

This happened on Weverse, a South Korean social network that has gained great popularity among the ARMY because there is the possibility that they have a closer contact with the boys of BTS, that is why it is not surprising that some details of their upcoming works are constantly known musicals as well as some curiosities of its 7 members.

BTS’s new album could be coming soon

A fan of the South Korean group dedicated a message of good wishes to Kim Seok-jin on this social network, but what she or the ARMY expected was that the 27-year-old idol would respond, in her comment she mentioned that she was very in good health and thanking you for your concern.

What most attracted attention is that the Worldwide Handsome of the group revealed that he was recording some songs that would be used in the new BTS album, information that undoubtedly drove more than one crazy, especially if we take into account that this The year has been filled with a lot of music as they have released two studio albums.

The idol also mentioned that the effort that he and the boys put into their music is worth it when it reaches the ears of the ARMY, even though it takes some time and his fans can’t help but wait to find out about his work.

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BTS has just started a new musical era thanks to the release of the single ‘Dynamite’ on digital platforms, which has managed to have an excellent commercial performance and has reached the top positions of the most important popularity charts around the world.

Are you eager to hear BTS’s new album? What do you think of Jin’s statements? Leave your answer in the comments section.


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