BTS: Jin receives beautiful gift from a Japanese ARMY


BTS’s Jin received a beautiful gift from a Japanese ARMY.

It is no secret to anyone that the boys of BTS have enjoyed great popularity internationally for a couple of years now, that is why it is not at all surprising that their loyal fans, known under the name ARMY, fill them with gifts .

Jin, RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, V and J-Hope have known how to appreciate these gestures of affection on the part of their loyal fans, being even closer to them through social networks, as it is well known that the Bangtan Boys love share everything that happens with their lives when they are away from the stage.

On this occasion we will tell you about a beautiful gift that Jin received from a Japanese ARMY and that in a matter of minutes went viral on all social networks, since the words that the girl dedicated to the 27-year-old idol demonstrate the great admiration for him.

Jin is the protagonist of a Japanese essay

Jin’s fandom in Argentina shared through its Twitter account a fragment of the weekly essay that a Japanese ARMY performs for his school and that for this occasion he had to talk about his favorite person; she chose the Worldwide Handsome, whom she did not stop filling with compliments.

“My favorite person is Jin from BTS. He is very cool and very tall, and if I had to summarize all of this down to the last page, I would say that everything is good about him. If I have to be specific, I would say that the person I like is full of everything. This is the end of my essay, “wrote a J-ARMY in her school essay.

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The other fans did not stop congratulating the J-ARMY for having made Jin the protagonist of her essay, but above all for dedicating such beautiful words to him, since they assured that she reflected on a paper what all the fandom thinks about the oldest member of the successful South Korean band.

Did you like the words that J-ARMY dedicated to Jin? Would you write about the BTS guys in your school projects, in case you keep studying? Leave your answer in the comments.


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