BTS: Jin pampers J-Hope with a special gift before his birthday


Jin from BTS is a very detailed partner and he shows it for J-Hope’s birthday, which is a few hours away, but he can’t wait any longer to pamper him.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have formed invaluable friendships over time, they have gone from being simple companions from trainees to becoming one of the largest families in K-Pop and they have shown it on many occasions.

Each BTS idol has shown how much she loves her groupmates, they all take care of each other, have fun, care and show more of her strong and close ties both on stage and off it; and there is nothing that ARMY loves more than their beautiful interactions.

And more on the birthdays of the members of Bangtan, it is when we can see a lot of the love they have for each other, soon we will be celebrating the birthday of J-Hope, one of the boy band dancers who has completely fallen in love with ARMY with all his talents and great abilities.

And Jin could not stay without being the first to congratulate Hobi, in addition to giving a great gift to his friend who is about to have a birthday.


There are only a few hours left to start with the great celebration for BTS’s J-Hope’s birthday and the idol has already received his first congratulations and the first gift from Seokjin, his bandmate who proves to be the most detailed ; Through Instagram, Jin congratulated Hobi.

Jin was the first to congratulate J-Hope, his level of friendship is great, but not only that, because Hoseok also shared that Jin gave him a great gift, strawberries, a cake and much more, awww!


J-Hope also shared a chocolate cake on his Instagram Stories and tagged Jin, it seems that the idol already had his first birthday cake with everything and candles; he tagged his groupmate with some very special words.

Faster than anyone, different from others

Hobi’s first birthday cake | Instagram: @uarmyhope

Well, all the members of BTS and also ARMY are more than ready to celebrate J-Hope’s birthday in a big way, which is already a few hours away.

In other BTS news, Jimin reappeared thanks to J-Hope and showed that he is healthier than ever, how is he feeling after his surgery?