BTS: Jin looks cuter than ever in new Instagram photo


Jin shared a new photo on Instagram and BTS fans say he looks more handsome than ever.

Talking about BTS is talking about one of the most popular K-Pop bands of the moment, that is why it is not surprising that every day they talk about them on social networks, especially when the seven members share new photos with their fans .

On this occasion we will tell you about Jin, the eldest of the Bangtan Boys, who on this occasion caused a furor on social networks thanks to a new photograph that he shared on his Instagram account, which managed to steal thousands of sighs from the ARMY, who claim that the idol looks more handsome than ever.

Jin, also known as the Worldwide Handsome of the band, has been characterized as a very shy person, but this pain disappears when he poses in front of the camera lens, because the 27-year-old idol always shocks everyone with his gallantry .

Jin conquers Instagram with a new selfie

ARMY could not contain his excitement when he learned that Jin had published a new photo on his Instagram account where he showed off the outfit he used during the first presentation of BTS Week on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, in which he and the boys They performed ‘IDOL’, a song from the album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.

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석지니 🙈 @jin_bighitentertainment

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The photograph was shared approximately 9 hours ago and it already manages to exceed 700 thousand likes on Instagram; In the comments section it is possible to find thousands of compliments from the ARMY, who do not stop praising how handsome Jin looks on this occasion.

Don’t forget that BTS’s comeback will take place this November 20, the date on which their new album will be released, which is titled ‘BE’; You should know that this album is considered the most important for the ARMY because the seven members have been fully involved in the production, from the creation of the songs to the design.

Do you like how Jin looks in these pictures? What do you expect from the new BTS album? Leave your answer in the comments.

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